Almost fire due to forgetting to turn off the stove

Recently, being infomred that there was the burning smell coming from the appartment on 8th Floor – Sky Garden 3, the security Team immediately assgined the guard coming to check at site and at the same time informed the Complex Management Board to contact the owner as well.

At site, there was nobody inside the locked apartment with lots of smoke coming out of the window. While the security guards had prepared fire fighting tools to break down the door, the owner came back in time and opened the door. The security guards immediately turned off the stove, locked the gas tank, opened the windows for ventilation.

What happened because the owner had went out while cooking and forgot to turn off the stove. Luckily it was discovered timely and handling quickly, there was no unexpected damage. At the same day, the Fire Department of District 7 came to talk with the owner. Now, it is the dry season and the fire is on the watch. Residents should be careful while cooking. Aslo remember turning off the stove when going out to prevent the unexpected incidents which cause regretable damages not only for yourself, your family but for community also.

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